Interplanetario Greetings!

Today, we have some important pulpinews. Please, read until the end of this announcement.

Due to external circumstances, we are forced to change the venue of Interplanetario VI only two months before the date of the event!

This year, Interplanetario VI will NOT be held at the Estación Marítima de Vigo. This decision was made after the essential technical requirements to ensure the optimal development of the event was not provided in time by the space operator.

We had to find a new location in a race against the clock! The new space for Interplanetario will be the Auditorio Pazo de Congresos Mar de Vigo – only a 15-minute walk from the Maritime Port.

It’s a larger space, with a hall and two private rooms available for all gaming-related activities.

We are trying to offer public transportation straight from the Maritime Port to the new location to make this the positive change that we are anticipating. Stay tuned for more news about how we plan on getting you to this new and exciting venue.

On our end, this is a great challenge that we hope will be used to improve your experience at Interplanetario in this and future years to come.

We say goodbye to the Estación Marítima. The doors of the Mar de Vigo will be open very soon!!