A place to enjoy the hobby and the passion for miniatures with other people. You can participate in two international grand tournaments and prove your leadership skills; you can spend a good time and enjoy with the brushes on our fast painting contest or join this year on our fourth WarCrow, the biggest Corvus Belli painting contest.

You can meet Corvus Belli staff, join roundtable conferences, and assist to informative talks or simply geek out with other wargame fans.

If you want we can teach you to play Infinity or Aristeia!, discover new ways of using your minis (like Deathmatch), or even discover the painting techniques from professionals and artists. This is the place to enjoy every aspect of the hobby.

In a nutshell the Interplanetario is three days filled with activities for the players and the non-players; but the people that you will find is what really turn this event into a perfect weekend.


This year we worked harder! We will have more space for these activities and therefore it will be more numerous and fun.

Play some of the games made by fans or participate in demonstrations of the classic games of Corvus Belli. Paint on Bostria for a day, answer all the questions of our Ginkana and discover the new challenges that we have this year for players and companions.


*Free participation. Prizes in all activities.

Grab the brush strongly, or it will fly off! This contest is an Interplanetary Classic: You have one hour, one miniature and… a few surprises that will hinder the painting. May the best win! Simple like that.

And of course, the miniature you keep to remember the good time you had.

*Free participation. Figure, brush and paints included.


For free time or for companions there will be a table dedicated to designing the color pattern of a miniature. You can try as many times as you want, dare with the most crazy and extravagant patterns or for the most formal and sober. The one chosen by Bostria will enjoy a prize for his good eye and design. All patterns will be exposed during the event. * Free participation. Prizes for the best works.


Our main star (after Agustiño and “Pulpi”) will perform one of his classic presentations where he will tell us about the recent news from the GenCon event, but also about the near future of Infinity and Aristeia!. Will show news of thefollowing months, advanced sculptures, troop profiles and new product releases.

This talk is his moment, his stage, You think he will drop our jaws?

The staff will be present as every year, signing your books and answering your questions, doubts and even your geek demands :).

Also, some of the creators of the game will make a roundtable on the stage were we will be able to participate with them in an open debate about background, rules and the future of INFINITY.

This year we will also have more talks and masterclasses. You will enjoy explanations of the creative process, sculpture and painting of the best miniatures in metal.

  * Free participation.


You think you know all about Infinity? Background, game rules, miniatures…The Troll organization of the Interplanetary will put your knowledge to the test with this fun activity for groups, presented on stage by HellLois and Bostria. We will also have a Gymkhana with tracks and trials distributed throughout the facility. Overcome all of them and you will have a prize!


Are you saturated from your last game, do you want to talk comfortably with other players or staff members? Come to our “bar” sit down, have something if you want, buy one of the month’s new releases for Infinity.