Where were you last year?

Where were you in 2018?

Extra, extra!

Latest news arrived at [Buzz] light years.


Here you have the first preregistration list and the waiting list, for the first 100 positions. Soon you will receive an email to realice the payment. https://interplanetario.corvusbelli.com/en/players/

ITS tournament with a total of 160 participants

ITS tournament with a total of 160 participants in which basic ITS rules will be used, with the following specifications:Mid-Tier: ITS 300 points WITH Spec-Ops.Remember!! Tomorrow (march 6th 2019)  from 14:00 GMT+1 or CET, the registration button will be...


EXCLUSIVE PULPI BUNDLEGet your PULPI BUNDLE * when you fill in the registration form, but beware, read the following sections carefully:What's inside?Mini ITS Scarface. (WIP)Mini ITS Bounty Hunter. (WIP)Mini Jeanne D'Arc with new...

Final Countdown…

[F#m D Bm E]








They’ve opined

(without going to jail for his tweets)

The biggest party of Corvus Belli returns! Infinity, Aristeia!, Warcrow, celebrities, prizes, piñatas, ball pools. No doubt it is an event that you can not miss, so schedule the date on the calendar, cancel all your plans, disconnect the phone to avoid other commitments arise. Don’t do like me, last year I could not attend because I forgot to cancel the mariachi …


"Make sure you cancel all your plans"

The plan is set, this year I will get a spot. Rumors of false dates, encoded forms, impersonated users, the perfect chaos to get a spot in the Interplanetario. The Combined Army won last year, this year will not be less with my help.

Victor Messer

"I love entropy"

Two years of pure glamour, of great artists, of works of art that will go down in history as classics of culture. So prepare your best clothes for the fourth edition Warcrow Awards red carpet. Are you ready to win a trophy?


"Glamour is my speciality"