ITS tournament with a total of 140 participants in which basic ITS rules will be used, with the following specifications:

 Mid-Tier: ITS 300 points NO Spec-Op.

 6 Rounds; two Friday, three Saturday, one Sunday.

Check-in until 16:30

Round 1 17:00-19:00

Round 2 19:30-21:30

Round 3 9:30-11:30

Round 4 12:00-14:00 Meal Break 14:00 16:00

Round 5 16:00-18:00

Round 6 and FINAL 10:30-12:30

This year the tournament will be divided into two categories:

TOP 32
In this TOP, players will face each other for 5 rounds. In each of the rounds, just by participating, each player will receive an exclusive gift.

As in any top, it will be direct elimination, so only one winner will emerge after 5 rounds. Each player that drops from the TOP will automatically enter into the SWISS regular tournament

This TOP consist of 32 participants selected as follows:

-16 satellite winners ITS9.

– ITS Regional winners -3.

– Interplanetary -Winner 2017.

– Gencon Winner

– The 11 participing players in the interplanetary with BEST ELO in ITS Season8.

In the case that a player who belongs to the TOP does not attend the event, that spot will be filled by the next player at interplanetary with best ELO at ITS season8.

This group of players will be composed by the regular singed participants which were not promoted to the TOP32 by ELO. In each round, more participants from the TOP will drop into this tournament.

The tournament consists in 5 rounds, in which the player with most points will be the SWISS WINNER.-

After the 5th round is played, the current WINNER of the SWISS TOURNAMENT and the WINNER of the TOP will play the FINAL from which the WINNER and the SECOND PLACE of the interplanetary will arise.

This FINAL is special, because the one who wins the game will be the winner of the interplanetary, and the one who loses will be the second. The rest of players will also play the 6th SWISS round to define the final classification of the swiss.

25€ (Participation includes an envelope with general information and commemorative event gifts).
As last year, the number of spots available for Spanish and international citizens will be restricted during the first week of pre-registration. The distribution of spots will be 60 for Spanish players and 59 for international players. Once the spots are full or 9 hours after the beginning of the registration, there will be no more spot reservations, and everyone else will be added to an alternates list and assigned a spot in rigorous order.

The last 21 spots to fill the maximum of 140 players are already assigned to the 16 ITS9 satellite winners, the winner of the interplanetario 2017, the winner of gencon 2017, and the 3 regional winners of ITS8.

STEP 1: Fill the formulary of the Inteplanetario at the OTM. Its mandatory to login to do this:

DATE: From 14:00 GMT+1 or CET, february 19th.

STEP 2: Push the buttom of TOURNAMENT PARTICIPATION. Its mandatory to login to do this.

DATE: From 14:00 GMT+1 or CET, february 26th.

STEP 3: Wait for a notification by E-mail.

We beg patience when filling out the form and receiving a response, because there will be only one person in charge of gathering all the data and making a list of the people who are pre-registered and the people who are alternates. When everyone pre-registered has replied, a list of both the people registered and the alternates (and their order) will be published.



Create a Corvus ID account if not created already.

Fill out the event form.


Tournament registration. You must have created a Corvus ID previously and filled out the event form.

From 14:00 GMT+1 or CET, february 26th.



First list of pre-registered players.

Payment available.

MARCH, 15th

Payment deadline for pre-registered players.

Second list of pre-registered players is published.Payment available.


Payment deadline for pre-registered players.

The third list of pre-registered players is published.

Payment available.

Following this, every 15 days there will be pre-registered rotations until the spots are filled.

JUNE 15th: Limit to refund money.


JULY 30th

Deadline for uploading the Army Lists to the OTM.


Players will submit two lists from the same Army or Sectorial Army using the ITS Tournament Manager. Only those lists made using the official Infinity Army app will be legal. The deadline for the delivery and upload of the lists will be July 30th at 23:59 GMT+1.


Participate in the tournament means to accept all the conditions and give the consent to the organization to publish and use the Army Lists.

The games will last a total of two hours (2h) being the maximum time per player:

Deployment: 10 min (Including the Last figure)

1st turn: 20 min

2nd turn: 20 min

3rd turn: 10 min

Each player is responsible for the compliance of their times (should not exceed 60 minutes of play) and to organize their game with his opponent to give them time to complete.

The organization will mark only the total time of the round on a screen.

During the rounds, the players will have a picture with a top down view of the table, where they must note: Hidden Deployments, the identification number of Cammo markers and their corresponding profile, the Lieutenant in case they have more than one option, Holoprojectors, or any other information that might need later verification.

The player will also will be given a Control Sheet where have to write his name, opponent’s name, table number, mission and Objective Points earned by the player and his opponent at the end of the game as well as Victory Points.

Each player will be given a Control Sheet to record the ITS nickname of both the player and the opponent, the table number, the mission played and Objective Points obtained by both palyers at the end of the game, plus the Victory Points.

Record the results starting at the bottom of the sheet.

The Control Sheets will be handled at the Control Table.

Upon finishing the game, the players must exchange their lists and verify the Private Information and troops used (Cammo markers, Lieutenant, etc.).

In order to keep the tournament on schedule, Corvus Belli advises players to pick up their miniatures and belongings immediately after a game so they are ready for the next round.

The official measurement for the tournament will be centimeters for this event.

There will be tables with mandatory Special Terrain Rules. None of those will have 100% coverage of a certain type of terrain assigned to them, but some will have a large amount of certain types of terrain assigned to them, for example a Mountain terrain table. Around 10% to 25% of the tables will have terrain rules.

There won’t be tables with a general rule like “all of the table is considered mountainous terrain”.


Players must know the rules of the game. The referee team has the main function of conflict resolution and rules that might generate confusion.

Any referee that witnesses a badly applied rule will immediately interrupt and correct the mistake.

If the implications of the badly applied rule have consequences impossible to undo, the referee will try to amend the mistake in such a way that it benefits the player who suffered the consequences of said mistake. In every case it is the decision of the referee team to fix or make the necessary adjustments to resolve the situation.

Mistakes with too many Orders spent in between them, or that happened on a previous Player Turn, will not be readjusted. Before proceeding with the game, a referee must be called and the players must wait for the decision.

The referee team will be able to extend the length of a game on tables they deem necessary.

Once a rules question has been cleared and both players are in agreement, the referee’s decision will not be appealed further, nor its consequences.

It is better however for both players to resolve any problems that might arise during the game by mutual agreement. But when a referee intervenes, either because the players called her or because she witnessed a mistake, the decision of the referee team is final and non-negotiable. Players are forbidden to agree on anything against the rules of the event, the rules of the game as defined in the rulebooks, or the table’s rules. Example: players are not allowed to agree to ignore the difficult terrain rules of the table they are playing on, or concede victory points.