ITS tournament with a total of 160 participants in which basic ITS rules will be used, with the following specifications:

 Mid-Tier: ITS 300 points WITH Spec-Ops.

6 tournament Rounds, two on Friday, three on Saturday, one on Sunday. Grand Final.


Mission 1: Supplies

Mission 2: Hunting Party



Mission 3: Unmasking

Mission 4: Highly Classified

Mission 5: Firefight



Mission 6: Frostbyte. Classified Objectives Extreme Mode (red deck)



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This year the tournament will be a double one:

  • Kraken Masters
  • Pulpi Prodigies



In this tournament players will face each other for 6 rounds. It’s a swiss system tournament, trying to avoid opponent repeating, between the best Infinity players from all around the world.

At the end of these 6 rounds, the player with the best accumulated punctuation will be the Kraken Masters winner and will play in the Great VI Interplanetario Final.

This tournament consist of 64 participants selected as it follows:

– 25 satellite winners ITS X.

– 3 ITS 9 Regional winners.

– 2018 Interplanetario Winner.

– The 35 regular signed players with the higher ELO in ITS X season the day before the tournament starts.

In the event that a player who belongs to the Kraken Masters is not able to attend the Interplanetario, that spot will be filled by the next player attending with best ELO at ITS X season the day before the tournament starts.


This group of players will be formed by those regular signed not qualified for the Kraken Masters.

These 96 participants will play 6 swiss system rounds, trying to avoid opponent repeating.


At the end of these 6 rounds, the player with the best accumulated punctuation will be the Pulpi Prodigies winner and will play in the Great VI Interplanetario Final.


This year we have simplified the awards ceremony, making it easier for each player to chose that price he desires the most.

3 PulpiKills will be given per table in each round. At the end of the game, the winner will take 2 PulpiKills and the loser 1. In the case of a draw, the player with the most Victory Points will be the one taking 2 PulpiKills.

You’ll be able to exchange your PulpiKills for your rewards at THE BAR, as long as the Tournament goes on.

Furthermore, we will have an awards ceremony at the end of the event, but focused only on those first spots of each different competition.



The normal version of the Classified Objective Deck, the green one, will be used in all the tournament phases.



Players will submit 2 lists from the same Army or Sectorial Army using the ITS Tournament Manager. Only those lists made using the official Infinity Army app will be legal. The deadline for lists delivery and upload will be July 30th at 23:59 GMT+1.



Participate in the tournament means to accept all the conditions and give the consent to the organization to publish and use the Army Lists.

The games will last a total of two hours (2h) being the maximum time per player:

Deployment: 10 min (Including the Last figure)

1st turn: 20 min

2nd turn: 20 min

3rd turn: 10 min

Each player is responsible for the compliance of their times (should not exceed 60 minutes of play) and to organize their game with his opponent to give them time to complete.

The organization will mark only the total time of the round on a screen.

During the rounds, the players will have a picture with a top down view of the table, where they must note: Hidden Deployments, the identification number of Cammo markers and their corresponding profile, the Lieutenant -in case they have more than one option-, Holoprojectors, or any other information that might need later verification.

Each player will be given a Control Sheet to record the ITS nickname of both the player and the opponent, table number, mission played and Objective and Victory Points obtained by both players at the end of the game.

Results will be recorded starting with the registry at the bottom of the sheet.

The Control Sheets will be handled at the Control Table.

Upon finishing the game, the players must exchange their lists and verify the Private Information and troops used (Cammo markers, Lieutenant, etc.).

In order to keep the tournament on schedule, all players should pick up their miniatures and belongings immediately after a game and get ready for the next round.

Centimeters will be the official measurement for this tournament.

There will be tables with mandatory Special Terrain Rules. None of those will have 100% coverage assigned to them, but will have a large amount of certain types of terrain, for example a Mountain terrain table. Around 10% to 25% of the tables will have terrain rules.

There won’t be tables with a general rule like “all of the table is considered mountainous terrain”, for example.


Players must know the rules of the game. The referee team has the main function of conflict resolution and rules that might generate confusion.

Any referee that witnesses a misapplied applied rule will immediately interrupt and correct the mistake.

If the implications of the wrongly applied rule have consequences impossible to undo, the referee will try to amend the mistake in such a way that it benefits the player who suffered the consequences of said mistake. In every case it is the decision of the referee team to fix or make the necessary adjustments to resolve the situation.

Mistakes with too many Orders spent in between them, or that happened on a previous Player Turn, will not be readjusted. Before proceeding with the game, a referee must be called and the players must wait for the decision.

The referee team will be able to extend the length of a game on tables they deem necessary.

Once a rules question has been cleared and both players are in agreement, the referee’s decision will not be appealed further, nor its consequences.

It is better however for both players to resolve any problems that might arise during the game by mutual agreement. But in the event that a referee shall intervene, either because the players called her or because she witnessed a mistake, the decision of the referee team will be final and non-negotiable.

It is forbidden to agree on anything against the rules of the event, the rules of the game as defined in the rulebooks, or the table’s rules between players. Example: players are not allowed to agree to ignore the difficult terrain rules of the table they are playing on, or concede victory points.


The basis of a good tournament environment is fair play, sportsmanship and cordiality among the participants. The moment the referees detect any kind of behavior that compromises these premises, they will give a first warning to those involved to correct the situation. In the case that, after the referees’ notice, an attitude against the good atmosphere of the tournament goes on, the referees may sanction -and even disqualify- those responsible for said attitude.