Dear player.

Due to the global situation we are living, which is causing us to pause, the Interplanetario staff has decided to take a break too.

We want to keep working to do the great event you deserve, but reality has forced us to delay all decisions to make about the event for a month.

So, from now on, all activities and deadlines are put off until April the 30th.

If you didn’t make the payment, don´t worry, on April 30th we will make an announcement with how to proceed.

But, if you have already made the payment for the requested services, we ask for your patience for a while, in a month we will make another publication with the decisions taken depending on the way events evolve.

Also, if you are in the waiting list, remeber that this March 27th we will not move the lists, you have to wait unil April 30th

So, remember that the important dates on the official website are no longer valid, we will change it later on.

At this moment, the lists movements and the payment process are delayed until April 30th.

We hope that you can understand our decision, because we are living in times of uncertainty and we want everything to calm down a little, so this way, we won’t take hasty decisions.

Thank you very must for all your love and patience 

Regards from all the INTERPLANETARIO staff.

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